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A Walker for Camarillo


Advocating for more places to safely walk and bike in downtown Camarillo.

We must Invest in Safe Pedestrian and Bicycle Routes


The first step in fighting climate change should be to make our cities safe to walk and bike in.

Investing in safe bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure also provides recreation opportunities to neighborhoods with limited park space like downtown Camarillo.

  • Address the inadequate Local Roads Safety Plan recently passed by city council.

  • Establish VMT Reduction Zones to prioritize pedestrian and bike safety

  • Develop protected bike lanes to connect downtown to Camarillo Springs, Village at the Park, CSUCI and beyond

  • Ensure residents in downtown Camarillo can safely access a park or protected ped/bike infrastructure within a 10min walk

Bike Riding

Make our Downtown Enjoyable to Walk


Strong cities have strong downtowns. Camarillo's needs improving. 

For years Camarillo has lacked a vibrant, walkable downtown with an established identity.  While other cities have aggressively upgraded their downtowns, our city council has been passive.


  • Establish a Business Improvement District

  • Develop new Specific Plan for Arneill Rd. to replace the dated “Camarillo Commons” plan

  • Propose CAB (Cover Abandoned Buildings) ordinance

  • Add art installations, murals and design elements to establish a downtown brand

  • Ensure Dizdar Park serves the neighborhood.

  • Ensure new housing projects take aggressive measures to reduce VMT or are located near VMT Reduction Zones

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