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Plans to Improve Our Community

Cover the Abandoned Buildings Ordinance

For too long our city council has allowed City and public agency owned vacant buildings, sidewalks, and parking lots to not be maintained at high standards or allowed to deteriorate.  This inaction creates blight which decreases surrounding property values and retail attractiveness.  


Research shows that as properties are abandoned for longer periods of time, the impact on nearby property values not only increases in magnitude but also is seen increasingly farther away. As a result, vacancy levels in Old Town are much higher than other retail centers in Camarillo.

You can tell a city's priorities by where it doesn't spend its money

Any city-owned building vacant for over 12 months without a plan to demolish within 6 months should be screened or disguised with facade treatments, decorative fencing, public art or other means that transforms the street appeal of the building. 


Los-Angeles-Zoo-1024x768 (1).webp

Structures like this can be used for CAB 

Blue White Modern Collage Instagram Post.png
Stain sidewalks in Old Town the same color

Let's Make a Better Camarillo for All

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